Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Polliwogs @ East Coast

I took childcare leave yesterday and decided that i wanted to bring Chang En to enjoy herself! We went to Polliwogs @ East Coast. There were less than 10 kiddos there and we almost had the entire ball pit to ourselves! We paid $16 for Chang En and $8 for Chang Xuan. Adults can enjoy free coffee and tea!

We spent abt 1.5 hours at the play area. We all took turns to climb up with Chang En!! Even my mum who is coming to 60 climbed too!!

Chang Xuan was also very happy!! Bfed her at the cafe and she dozed off to lala land!!

In the end, i signed up for a 6 months package with them. 8 visits with unlimited playtime!

After the play, we went to Burger King to buy back a set meal. Chang En happily ate the fries on the cab cos she was so hungry! She kept asking for "MORE!!"

Chang Xuan is a Smiley "Buddha"

Chang Xuan is forever so smiley!!! She can smile n laugh for a few minutes!! Her favourite song is "Ni Wa Wa"!! She will alway smile when we sing the song for her. -P

Chang Xuan can flip pretty well!

Some attempts to take her passport photos!

My fav picture!! She looks SOOOooo cute with the beanie!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Chang En is 2!!

Chang En had 3 birthday celebration in all.

Celebration 3: Home

Nice chocolate swensen ice cream cake (Courtesy of Ah Yi! Cheapest n nicest!!)

Birthday celebration 2 @ Che childcare
Mummy rushed down to IMM to collect the cupcakes from Crystal Jade. Bought a mickey n car helium balloon which attracted much attention from the children. En En was so scared when the birthday song was sang that she started crying after the candles were blown.

Birthday celebration #1
Chang En celebrated her bdae at my in laws place. The cake was EXPENSIVE!! $180 (inclusive of delivery plus figurines for a 1.5kg chocolate cake. It was from a home baker somemore!!) But the kids enjoyed the celebration. We dressed Chang En up with japanese kimono which i bought from j-shopper.Super kawaii!!