Sunday, September 23, 2007

En En is here!

This is the first day picture of En En with her Mummy!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gynae Visit on 12th Sept 2007

Went for gynae visit yesterday....Baby is now "deeply engaged" but the water level is borderline low think baby en en will arrive before edd....

Getting more contractions now...but dunno if they r fake ones...hehehe...

Monday, September 10, 2007

Waiting for Baby to come...

The expected date of delivery (EDD) is 18 Sep 07.... so it's 9 more days to go... We have been told that first born girls tend to come out earlier than the EDD by about 2 to 3 weeks... so we are currently anxisouly waiting for En En to arrive!

Royce & Guiwei =)
Pregnancy Journey

19th Jan 07 : First Visit to Gynae . EDD: 18th Sept 2007

9th Feb 07: 8 weeks + 3 days. CRL: 20mm

7th Mar 07: 11 weeks + 6 days. CRL: 53.3mm

5th Apr 07: 16 weeks. HC: 123mm, AC: 105mm, FL: 24mm. Est Weight: 164g

4th May 07: 20 weeks. HC: 177mm, AC: 143mm, FL: 33mm. Est Weight: 327g

4th Jun 07: 24 weeks. HC: 212mm, AC: 197mm, FL: 41mm. Est Weight: 628g

2nd Jul 07: 28 weeks. HC: 256mm, AC: 222mm, FL: 54mm. Est Weight: 1076g

24th Jul 07: 31 weeks. HC: 284mm, AC: 269mm, FL: 61mm. Est Weight: 1719g: Breech

8th Aug 07: 34 weeks. HC: 303mm, AC: 296mm, FL: 66mm. Est Weight: 2260g: Cephalic

21st Aug 07: 36 weeks. HC: 311mm, AC: 300mm, FL:68mm. Est Weight: 2398g : Cephalic
28th Aug 07: 37 weeks. HC: 318mm, 312mm, FL: 71mm. Est Weight: 2785g: Cephalic
3rd Sept 07: 38 weeks. HC: 322mm, AC: 321mm, FL: 72mm. Est Weight: 2970g: Cephalic + Engaged
CRL: Crown Rump Length, HC: Head Circumference, AC: Abdominal Circumference, FL: Femur Length