Friday, July 11, 2008

Head Band!!

My vain mummy bought me this head band! Made me look like a bimbo..But it does look sweet
right? But it is quite uncomfortable. Anyway, daddy said that i had removed one of the petals on the head band...Is that true? hehehe..

The evening me...

I am so happy!!

The morning me!

Malacca Trip 9th -11th June

I am so excited. My first trip out of Singapore. Daddy booked a Villa at A Famosa for the entire Chai Family to go. We went in 2 cars. Mummy planned my nap time very well. She woke me up early in the morning to bathe and drink my milk so that i will sleep for the bulk of the journey. The car ride to our destination took about 5 hours. We checked into the villa and began our swimming session.

All my meals for the trip was prepared by Auntie Supin. I couldn't get use to the taste as it was too dry. Mummy decided that it was time for me to start with formula milk and i had FM for 60 % of my milk feeds in Malacca.

In all, i swam for all 3 days.

On my returned trip, i was pretty cranky and mummy had a hard time coaxing me when Ye Ye was driving. For dinner, we ate at a market at Taman Sentosa and mummy had to piggy back me since it was a market.

Think it was an eye-opener for me...

Where are we going next, Mummy?

My Nai Nai and me.

My younger cousin and me...I look so much smaller...Oops...Time to eat more!!

Phew, what a break after a long day..

I am coming!! Wait for me..

Can you spot my tongue?

Where is my lunch? What an unique high chair..I dun find it in Singapore at all.

Uncle Pin How's Wedding on 7th June

Mummy, where are we going today? I thought we just attended Uncle Pin How's wedding at Swissotel the day before? Daddy was one of the brothers and he was not with me during the banquent for most of the time. I met another jie jie who happened to be the daughter of daddy's fren. She kept entertaining me. I was a good gal right? minus the fact that i did not want to stay on the high chair. Mummy and Daddy decided to re-visit Uncle Pin How at the hotel since they happened to go there for lunch. It was a nice place and i had a good time roaming in the room which was on the 69th floor. Sad to say, mummy left the camera at Uncle Pin How's room and we had to return to the hotel to collect it after our dinner at Nai Nai's House.
Wow...Nice sofa..What's that on the floor??

Naughty Mummy

Mummy decided to be naughty. As i was about to bathe, mummy decided to take some naked pictures of me!

Hi Mummy!

See the whitish stuff on my lips? Mummy, u have overfed me!!!

Auntie Shirlyn's Bdae

Mummy brought me to Auntie Shirlyn's house to celebrate her bdae since baby Chloe is dued soon. Auntie Peng bought a lot of food and mummy helped by collecting the Xiao Long Bao and Hilton Cheesecake. They spent their time eating and chit-chatting leaving me on the floor to play with my keys..So bored..No babies and toys...

Gap Jacket!

Mummy bought me this Gab Jacket from Wisma Atria and it was carefully picked my Daddy. It cost less than $30 after 40% + 5% discount. When they reached home, they made me wear the jacket and took lotsa of pictures with it. This is what happens.

Mummy, are you ready with the camera already? Tell me when u are ready, then i will start to smile.

I am smiling. I am sweet right?

Nice smile...Can you see my teeth??

Hmm..Lousy camera skills..Mummy, dun tell me you have not captured sufficient nice shots of me?

Visit to EXPO

Mummy and Dady brought me to EXPO for Popular book sales. Mummy bought a lot of hard cover books for me as i tend to spoil the soft cover ones easily. While Daddy and Mummy were enjoying their lunch, i was given my favourite carrot stick to eat. I ate TWO pieces ok!! Dun underestimate my size.

Look at how unglam i am when i am eating my favourite snack! Mind u, i just finished my porridge ok..Dun play play with my appetite...

Daddy posing with me..

Sept Mummies' Gathering

Mummy invited some of the sept mummies to our house since it was June hols! Auntie Gingerleaf & Baby Lyn, Auntie Bena & Baby Zac, Auntie ecookie & baby YZ and Auntie shotbyfau and baby dahlia attended the gathering. All of them were obedient babies except me! They drank their milk at one shot and all of them slept at one pt or another except me! All the mummies placed their babies in the playyard to play with me. WE had such a fun time in the playyard while mummies had their break chit-chatting with one another with pizzas.

Baby Yong Zhi with Baby Zac

Me with Baby Dahlia

Me with Baby Zac.

Aralyn!! Where are u??

Kindermusik Trial @ Tanglin Mall

Auntie Justme was unable to attend the trial with baby Sarah. So mummy got the chance to replace her. I was super active as usual. I refused to sit still and kept crawling towards the teacher. I also loved the balls and snatched them away from my friends. I kept screaming in class and was the only one who was busy crawling around the class.

Do i look pretty with my pink clip?? many babies..


Mummy decided to dress me up like a Shrek! Dun i look adorable with the Shrek headband that mummy bought long long ago from Mac! I do look like a pumpkin too cos i am wearing a pumpkin sleepsuit.

My 2nd visit to ICA Building

Daddy and mummy brought me to ICA building! WE took a train there as it was more convenient. Mummy becoed me and i fell asleep in the carrier while waiting for the collection. When i woke up, i started jumping up and down at the place..Daddy had to re-take his passport photo and collect his IC. We submitted the photographs and were told to wait for an hour!! Hence, daddy brought me to a nearby coffeeshop to eat dinner first. Sob rained!! I refused my milk too..

daddy n Me!!
Cheeky Me!!

Gymboree @ Vivocity on 24th May 2008

Mummy brought me to Vivocity early in the morning while i still needed my nap. At 11 am, mummy tried to i was supposed to attend the Gymboree Trial class @ 12noon. She tried hard to coax me to sleep but to no avail. She had to feed me as we went to Vitakids and Cold Storage to get my organic snacks. However, when we reach Gymboree, i decided to nap in mummy's cosy BECO carrier. Mummy had to wake me up after a power nap of 10 min. When i woke up, i saw my fren, Jerald. I had so much fun! I managed to climb up the stairs! While mummy tried to massage for me, I kept running away from her. I loved the balls that were given to us and i even snatched one away from Faith. Hahaha. Daddy came half way through the session and played with me so that mummy can take a break.

Cheeky me!
Faith and En En

En En n Jerald