Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oversupply of EBM!!

Haiz...Even when Chang En is on 100% ebm on weekends and 75% of weekdays and baby on 100% bm every day..I still have problem storing!! Should i get a chest freezer? I have solved part of my problem by donating the frozen ones to my cousin who gave birth to a pair of twins in april..But..can the problem be solved hubby's answer is "NO!!"

Chang Xuan's Baby Shower + Chang En's haircut

Happy Daddy + Chang En + Sleepy Chang Xuan
Baby Shower
Chang Xuan celebrated her baby shower on 21st May when she was 3 weeks 1 day old. Rationale, if we postpone it by a week, it will exceed the lunar calendar month. So no choice. There were many babies who came that day n we seemed to be operating a mini infant care. Food was catered from Yan Palace and many pple sang praises of it. Especially the mango pomelo dessert!! It was simply too YUMMY!
A sleepy Chang Xuan in the evening.

Chang En n Chang Xuan with matching wear (Mummy also!)

Sleepy Chang Xuan again..

Mummy with Chang En (new hairstyle)

Chang En had her fringes trimmed on saturday cos it was simply getting too long. My confinement lady managed to trim it for her while she was watching her fav cartoons. Someone asked me:" You dun allow ur daughter to have long hair arh?" My reply: I only trimmed her hair thrice ever since she was born....
A grouchy Chang En

"What are you doing with my hair!!!"

Cheeky Chang En when she is asked to say "Cheese"

Chang En is getting ready for school!!

What a nice cosy bouncer!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My lovely princesses + FP Bouncer

Chang En has returned to childcare after MIAing for a week or so. Thank goodness that she is re-adapting well. In fact, her appetite has also grown and she seemed to look much prettier with her "longan" eyes!!

Chang En dotes on her younger sister VERY VERY much. The first thing that she will do in the morning will be to look for her sister and KISS her!! She is pretty gentle on the baby when she strokes Chang Xuan's hair.

Chang Xuan has been a pretty good baby so far. Her fuss time is basically from 8-11pm. She does not like air-conditioner very much and we are trying hard to make her adapt. Our room temp is now set to 28!! Grr...Last nite, she slept through from 12+ midnight till 6+am this morning without crying for milk!! An acomplishment for a 2.5 weeks old baby. Hope that it will stay like tat.

Mummy is still battling with blocked ducts. I am still contemplating if i should visit the lactation consultation cos i am unsure abt my condition.

Chang En hugging Chang Xuan. (She knows where to position her arms!!)

Chang Xuan smiling in her bouncer.


Say Cheese!!

Chang En in her uniform...Just got back from school.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Faces

I am so HAPPY!! Cant even spot my eyes right?

Smiley Chang Xuan!

Chang Xuan staring into space...

Cheeky En En posing for the camera!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 2 of Confinement.

Baby Xuan with her eyes wide opened..

Baby Xuan who just woke up..
Daddy Chai with En En and her fav toy (Empty container and her stacker.)

Daddy Chai with Baby Xuan

Baby Xuan sleeping in her cot

This has been an eventful week for me!

Brought En En back for review at the PD on Monday. The PD's medicine seems to work very well on her. (Or is it my breastmilk?). She recovered from her runny nose in 2 days. Her phelmy cough has also improved. Downside: I spent $300 on her medical fees to see the PD twice. But think it is worthed it cos she recovered so much faster.

As a result of En En's condition, she stayed at home until Wed, went to childcare on Thursday and she is stuck at home today cos she developed very bad rashes on her legs and body after we applied some lotion during the massage session.

Baby Xuan's schedule has not been very fixed. On tuesday, she had blocked nose and she cried intermittently from 1030pm until 2.3oam. On Wed, she cried intermittently from 5.30am to 7am. Yesyterday, she slept from 1030pm till 3+am before she woke up for her feeds. She was pretty alright yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed that she will give me a better time at nite.

Yesterday, i sneaked out to the IT fair with hubby to get a new photo printer(our 3YO printer gave way..) and a new camera. The printer was very good and we printed several nice pictures to be hung on the wall in the living room. The new camera came with HD quality video taking which will allow us to take more videos of our 2 kiddos. I also had my first lunch out of hse (ever since we returned from the hospital) at a Japanese Restaurant at the centre stage of Marina Square. After the IT fair, we ajourned to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate cookie. Yummy.
My photo display with the new printer.
As to my confinement, it has been quite alright this time lround. Less restrictive cos the aunty allows me to bathe once every 2 days, wash my hair once every 4 days. And i get to wear shorts in the afternoon. =P. I have also cut down on fish soup cos my supply is over-abundance to the extend that baby is on 100% BM En En is on 100% EBM and i still get to freeze 2-3 packs of 150ml ebm a day. Think i have at least 1.5litre of bm supply everyday.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visit to PD and Gynae

Smiling in my sleep =P

Do NOT Disturb my beauty sleep...

Chang Xuan on the bouncer..

Chang En carrying Chang Xuan

My gynae who delivered both Chang En and Chang Xuan

Yesterday was a super long tiring day for me. Needed to go back for gynae review and PD checkup. Woke up @ 7.30am, latched baby and pumped out my milk. Then had to prepare En En for the trip. Upon reaching my gynae's clinic, baby decided to cry for milk. Ended up, i had to feed her in the ctg room cos En En decided to use my "makeshift" nursing shawl to play "peek a boo". Baby fed for at least 20 min..and thank god, it lasted her til we reached home at 12 plus.
After the gynae's visit, we went for baby's review and checkup for En En. En En has been coughing for the past 2 months and PD diagnosed that she is down with mild bronchitis. Ended up, the main bulk of the time spent with PD was for En En. Had to ask the nurse to demonstrate the use of the nebuliser also. And En En cried like mad.
Baby Xuan is currently 3.46kg at 6 days old. She gained ard 400g over the past few days. She went for the jaundice test again. Level: 12.2. PD cleared her and said that she just needed to sunbathe. Gave baby ebm for her last nite feed also so that all of us could sleep longer. She took 80ml of ebm and slept from 11.30pm to 3.30am. So happy!! Then latched her on at 3.30am and 6am respectively to clear my breast since they were bursting. (My last pump was at 11pm)
Today, En En is more receptive to the nebuliser. She cried less already. She also went for the Shichida class with daddy. Daddy praised her saying that she is running ard less in class. She is also able to address baby by her name "Xuan Xuan". Bravo!!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Do the 2 sisters look alike?

Chang Xuan's pictures

Collage of Chang En's Pix at 1 week old. The 2 sisters do look very alike right?

Dun block my view! I want to watch the TV programme.

We are home...

Baby Chang XuanBaby Chang Xuan and Chang En. (Chang En seemed to have grown so much in my 2 days absence.)

Day 1 home..

Chang Xuan has been home for 3 days already. She still has a little bit of jaundice but should go off soon when the sun is out. She has been on95% latch on so far. 5% ebm feed when my confinement lady decides to feed her some in my absence. So far, Chang Xuan is latching on pretty well and i have tried on a new position: Sleeping position to latch her on. Her "rooting" is pretty strong now and can look for my Bs when she is hungry already. I dun really need to guide her for the time being. I guess it must be that she has been on 95% latch on so far.

Chang En is adapting well so far. We try to spend as much time with her when she returns from the childcare. We will watch tv with her and hug her. Last nite, she dozed off on me when she was watching tv programme. Same position as to how i will carry Chang Xuan when i burp her. This morning, i fed her with the excess ebm that i have. She finished the ebm (mainly colostrum) mixed with her normal FM easily. Hope that her tummy can take it cos she has not been taking ebm for a long time. Time to save $$ liaoz cos she should be able to take ebm for 30% of her milk intake daily. Formula milk is expensive leh!!