Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chang Xuan's Baby Shower + Chang En's haircut

Happy Daddy + Chang En + Sleepy Chang Xuan
Baby Shower
Chang Xuan celebrated her baby shower on 21st May when she was 3 weeks 1 day old. Rationale, if we postpone it by a week, it will exceed the lunar calendar month. So no choice. There were many babies who came that day n we seemed to be operating a mini infant care. Food was catered from Yan Palace and many pple sang praises of it. Especially the mango pomelo dessert!! It was simply too YUMMY!
A sleepy Chang Xuan in the evening.

Chang En n Chang Xuan with matching wear (Mummy also!)

Sleepy Chang Xuan again..

Mummy with Chang En (new hairstyle)

Chang En had her fringes trimmed on saturday cos it was simply getting too long. My confinement lady managed to trim it for her while she was watching her fav cartoons. Someone asked me:" You dun allow ur daughter to have long hair arh?" My reply: I only trimmed her hair thrice ever since she was born....
A grouchy Chang En

"What are you doing with my hair!!!"

Cheeky Chang En when she is asked to say "Cheese"

Chang En is getting ready for school!!

What a nice cosy bouncer!

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zhang said...

your daughters are very cute and lovely, both of them are.