Wednesday, June 3, 2009

We are home...

Baby Chang XuanBaby Chang Xuan and Chang En. (Chang En seemed to have grown so much in my 2 days absence.)

Day 1 home..

Chang Xuan has been home for 3 days already. She still has a little bit of jaundice but should go off soon when the sun is out. She has been on95% latch on so far. 5% ebm feed when my confinement lady decides to feed her some in my absence. So far, Chang Xuan is latching on pretty well and i have tried on a new position: Sleeping position to latch her on. Her "rooting" is pretty strong now and can look for my Bs when she is hungry already. I dun really need to guide her for the time being. I guess it must be that she has been on 95% latch on so far.

Chang En is adapting well so far. We try to spend as much time with her when she returns from the childcare. We will watch tv with her and hug her. Last nite, she dozed off on me when she was watching tv programme. Same position as to how i will carry Chang Xuan when i burp her. This morning, i fed her with the excess ebm that i have. She finished the ebm (mainly colostrum) mixed with her normal FM easily. Hope that her tummy can take it cos she has not been taking ebm for a long time. Time to save $$ liaoz cos she should be able to take ebm for 30% of her milk intake daily. Formula milk is expensive leh!!

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