Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visit to PD and Gynae

Smiling in my sleep =P

Do NOT Disturb my beauty sleep...

Chang Xuan on the bouncer..

Chang En carrying Chang Xuan

My gynae who delivered both Chang En and Chang Xuan

Yesterday was a super long tiring day for me. Needed to go back for gynae review and PD checkup. Woke up @ 7.30am, latched baby and pumped out my milk. Then had to prepare En En for the trip. Upon reaching my gynae's clinic, baby decided to cry for milk. Ended up, i had to feed her in the ctg room cos En En decided to use my "makeshift" nursing shawl to play "peek a boo". Baby fed for at least 20 min..and thank god, it lasted her til we reached home at 12 plus.
After the gynae's visit, we went for baby's review and checkup for En En. En En has been coughing for the past 2 months and PD diagnosed that she is down with mild bronchitis. Ended up, the main bulk of the time spent with PD was for En En. Had to ask the nurse to demonstrate the use of the nebuliser also. And En En cried like mad.
Baby Xuan is currently 3.46kg at 6 days old. She gained ard 400g over the past few days. She went for the jaundice test again. Level: 12.2. PD cleared her and said that she just needed to sunbathe. Gave baby ebm for her last nite feed also so that all of us could sleep longer. She took 80ml of ebm and slept from 11.30pm to 3.30am. So happy!! Then latched her on at 3.30am and 6am respectively to clear my breast since they were bursting. (My last pump was at 11pm)
Today, En En is more receptive to the nebuliser. She cried less already. She also went for the Shichida class with daddy. Daddy praised her saying that she is running ard less in class. She is also able to address baby by her name "Xuan Xuan". Bravo!!

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