Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 2: Chang Xuan

Chang Xuan was on milk strike on the first day of birth...She latched on only at 0930, 1630 and 0300 for the whole day.

Hence, for morning, she wanted to latch on more frequently. She had had 2 feeds so far..once at 0830 and another round at 1125.

In the afternoon, her feedings became more regular and on time. Every 3-4 hourly, she will be pushed back for a feed. Her feeding pattern is quite standard. Latch for 5-10 min, doze off, mummy will burp her or wake her up, latch for another 5-10 min. Cycle will repeat until she manage to latch for 20-30 min, and dun cry when put down.

I also saw the same nurse manager who was looking after me when i had En En. She is a very nice lady and she chatted with me. She commented that i had very good milk supply and i should avoid over-latching baby in case if she takes my breast as a pacifier.

My gynae, me, hubby and Chang Xuan after her morning feed....

Chang Xuan's contented look after her milk buffet...

Chang En viewing cartoons/ phonic songs on mummy's lappy. She loves the phonic songs and can sing to it!! Bravo and clever girl! Look at how attentive looking she is!

Chang En trying to carry Chang Xuan!

Chang En is trying to sayang Chang Xuan..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chang Xuan is HERE!!!

Mummy has FINALLY delivered mei mei!! Water bag burst!

From now..mummy will use I for herself, En En for Chang En and Xuan Xuan for Chang Xuan when she updates the blog..

Mummy's birth story
8.30pm: Came back from Zhou's kitchen buffet dinner (evil me hoh..)

9.45pm: Took a bath after i finished the show on starhub channel 55 ( Yuan lai Ai Shang Zei)

10pm: Tried to settle my #1 to bed and felt trickles of water. Thought that i had urinary incontinence initially but cant be that i kept leaking.

10.30pm: Checked with some mummies(Thanks to blueskye, gingerleaf and Daphne) and they said that water bag has burst!

11pm: Called my mum to come to my place and finally settled #1 to bed.

11.30pm: Left for hospital 12.30am: Midwives confirmed water bag burst, administer enema and shaved me. 2 cm dilated

1am: Transferred to delivery suite Rm 5. Contractions started at 2am.

5am: Requested for laughing gas but never really use it. 7am: Requested for pethidine jab. 5 cm dilated.

7.30am: Gynae came and wanted to break my water bag. Then i told her that water bag already burst long ago..Thats why i am in the ward. Chit Chat with gynae for a while.

830am: Midwives came and i am 8-9cm dilated. Asked me to press the button when i have the urge to push. 2min later after they left, i felt the urge to push. Asked my hubby to press the bell and he blur blur dunno what to do. I had to tell him 3 times before i succeeded. Waited for gynae to arrive although i already have the urge to push. Gynae came and in 1 push, baby was out at 0846. There wasn't even time for episomy! Had natural tears instead and was given 4-5 stitches.

9.30am: Latched baby and was sent back to room 505. Had breakfast while smsing pple.

Details of Chang Xuan
Given EDD: 27th May 2009
Actual EDD: 30th May 2009
Time of birth: 0846
Gestation: Week 40 + 3 days
Gynae: Dr Sim Lee Ngor
Hospital: TMC
Chang Xuan's weight: 3175g
Chang Xuan's height: 49cm
Chang Xuan's head circumference: 35cm

Chang Xuan with mummy 2009

Chang En with mummy 2007

We do look alike right??

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mei Mei's EDD

Hi Chang Xuan Mei Mei..

Are you coming out today? Mummy is waiting eagerly for ur arrival..n so are us..Please come out quickly to play with me ok?

Monday, May 25, 2009

A nice relaxing Sunday

Mummy brought me to Vivocity for lunch yesterday in an attempt to encourage mei mei to come out..But failed..When we reached Sushi teh, there was a long queue and daddy asked mummy to bring me to walk ard the area first while he queued up. Mummy brought me to mothercare but i was totally uninterested in the kiddy toys there...

When we entered Sushi teh, it was such a coincidence that we were given a seat beside Auntie Irene, Jerald kor Kor and his daddy. We chatted for a while. Jerald Kor Kor is such a big boy now who can eat sushi rice. He can also communicate better than me. Nevertheless, mummy tried to feed me some food from what they have ordered. I tried the pasta and the sushi rice. Yummy...However, i hated the corn croquette which daddy claimed was very nice. After Jerald and his family left, the next family that came in happened to be Daddy's students...Hmm..Are we fated to sit with pple whom we know?

After lunch, daddy and mummy brought me to TOYRUS! My heaven!! I was running around the shop carrying boxes of toys from one corner to another. At the soft toy corner, i had a fall but was alright...just a slight bump on my forehead. After the visit to TOYRUS, we had an ice-cream feast..YUMMY.....

In the evening, we went to Nai Nai's house again. This should be my last visit there until at least a month later as mummy will be due for her confinement at home this week. I was waiting so impatiently for Belinda Jie Jie to come and play with me. However, they came pretty late and i have decided that i should start my dinner first. Nai Nai decided to boil some "Dong Cong Cao with dunno what herbs" for the 3 of us to drink so that we will have better immunity. Ended up, i was the only one drinking as Beatrice mei mei refused to drink because of the smell...Oh well..I get to drink all..Hahaha...

Look at my happy FACES!! I can pose in front of the camera now...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new loots + new words

Mummy was so tempted by the CROCS warehouse sales that she "pestered" daddy to go there. Daddy was soft hearted and he decided to drive mummy to EXPO after dinner. They left me at Nai Nai's house so that they can shop easily. They helped Aunty Daphne and another mummy to buy shoes.

Damage for ourselves: 7 pairs of crocs for me, 1 pair of mei mei, 1 pair for my helper and 1 pair for mummy...

1 spare pair of thomas and case if mummy's friend wants it...

These are mainly mine..hahaha

My language ability has improved significantly for the past 1 week. I can say 1 to 10..I can say new words like " Ai yo yo!!", clock. I can read in sequence : apple, ball, cat, dog, elephant, fish/flower, giraffe, hat, ice-cream, jacket, kite, lion. I also know that the word after octopus is "PIG!!".

My new form teacher at the childcare commented that i am very smart. I know how to protect myself by screaming for help when someone bullies me. I also know how to follow simple instructions like bringing out my sleeping bag. As a result, they grouped me with the older kids so that i can learn better.

Daddy was having lunch at West Coast when his friends decided to bring him to this shop that sells lotsa toys. Daddy spotted this kitchen set that cost only $9.90 and decided to buy it for me. I enjoyed playing with it. Think i spent at least 20 min on it....My fav component is the eggs. I will scoop the egg from one cup to another. I also khow to pour" water out of the teapot into the cup.

The mattel sales was so disappointing according to mummy. The amount of goods that they had was like 10% of previous years. Luckily mummy has stocked up many many Fisherprice toys for me and mei mei previously. Nevertheless, she decided not to go back empty handed. She bought one toy each for me and mei mei.

Price: $18

The moment i played with this toy, i took the "keys" and went to open the door. Mummy laughed at the sight of it..

Price: $8

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My loots...More coming if mummy managed to chiong the Warehouse sales...

Mummy just went to Paragon with my helper to shop. She gave the excuse that she needed to walk more so that Mei Mei will come out earlier. Anyway, she spent a bomb on me..Bought many of my favourite toys....And she heard that there will be a Mattel warehouse sales again tomolo...She has gone there twice already...Still want to go. Think she wanna buy more toys for mei mei.
Here are my loots....
Healthy snacks for me...

My favourite!! It will include the "Hotdog dance" S0ng...Yippie...Most expensive book also...$39.90

I will help bear bear to wear clothes...

I will learn abt numbers by counting...

I can add animals which i like to the farm...

I could add pirate's hat, belt, nose, etc on the pirates..

I can paste the magnetic trains on the album!! It all depends on my creativity...

Accidents after Accidents

Haiz...accidents after accidents.

Yesterday, teacher Aira informed mummy that a classmate scratched my face while we were washing hands. I wanted to squeeze onto the ikea stool together with her and she ended scratching my beautiful face....Sob Sob...Teacher Aira was so paiseh cos it is the 2nd accident within 2 days. She told mummy that she has applied cold compress and cream on my face.
Teacher Aira also mentioned that i dun really need my pacifier during the afternoon nap. In fact, i usually take a 3 hour nap is sch! That explains why i dun fall asleep easily at nite..
Can you spot the scar on my cheek?

Dun take my pictures lah...I dun look pretty today with my scar.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I was bitten by my classmate!!

Daddy brought me home and told mummy that i was bitten by my classmate. Teacher
Aira said that i did not cry although i was bitten on my leg. Look at the teeth marks that were left on my left leg. Mummy says she will ask teacher why i was bitten yesterday. If it was due to my naughtiness....she will not sympathise with me...haiz.

My meals

For the past few days since Thursday, mummy has not been cooking porridge for me. Instead, she had started me on steamed rice, steamed fish, steamed vegetables, tofu, steamed eggs and mee suah etc. So far, i am adapting quite well. Hopefully, i am slowly adjusting to a more ricey diet.
Next, my terrible 2 is getting bad. On saturday and sunday, i broke into tears when mummy tried to scold me!!! She was so fierce......After the cry..i dozed off to my dreamlands....n i was still "crying" in my sleep....sob sob...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

How i play with Thomas n Friends

This is how i play with my Thomas and Friends!! I only enjoy the tracks! I would not allow daddy or mummy to put the trains on the tracks...And i m in love with Thomas n Friends Stickers too...

Friday, May 15, 2009

My First set of Thomas n Friends...N Toothbrushing episode

Mummy went to chiong Isetan Private sales today with Po Po and my helper. And she bought a lot of stuff for me....She was so lost when purchasing the thomas and friends set that she had to approach the staff to explain which set could be extended and which trains could be used on the different sets as there was simply too many tracks and trains to choose from.
1) Thomas and Friends Basic Set (comes with tracks and Thomas the train)
2) An extension set (Comes with additional tracks plus a truck)
3) Rocky
And after discount...phew..The thomas and friends set cost mummy $60!! w/o discount..Mummy would need to spend $110!! Mummy has decided to open up the basic set only and keep the other 2 sets as "Welcome Home Gifts!" to be given to me by my younger sister who can be due anytime soon...

Look at how i am beaming with joy when i saw the train set!! Mummy commented that other buyers must have thought that she has a son at home!!! Why would gals play with thomas n friends?? P.S: I have been playing with legos too at home...

Mummy also bought a new bib for me so that i can self feed in a cleaner manner. Can you spot the purple bib within the loots??

Last item which mummy bought for my use was a steamer. I have gotten used to eating steamed rice (not those rice that is cooked using rice cooker cos they are harder.) This steamer can be used to steam my rice, vege, eggs and fish all at one go! Easy and convenient!
In the evening, mummy decided to show off to daddy that i can brush my teeth. Mummy commented that i must have seen the Kor Kors and Jies Jies in my school brush their teeth! Thats why, i am attempting to do it at home...And do you know..I enjoy the first teeth toothpaste as well. Guess it will now be a routine for me every evening to brush my teeth!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who do i resemble more?? Daddy or Mummy?

Hmm...Do i look more like daddy or mummy? One of the last few shots that mummy is taking with me n my sister while she is in mummy's tummy..."Mei Mei!!..Are you coming out soon to play with me??"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Weekend...

Phew...The internet access is finally back and mummy can update the blog for me...

On saturday, mummy decided to dig out the minnie mouse headband which she bought for me at Hong Kong Disneyland last December. Do i look cute with it? It does look a little big for me at the moment but who cares??

Do i look cute??

It seems too big for me...

Do i look like the "Minnie" in Disney Clubhouse...(Dazing into the TV)

Later on the evening, we went to Uncle Bruce's house where we celebrated Lurvic's Baby Shower. I was very happy at Uncle Bruce's house cos mummy fed me with pineapple rice and chocolate cake! However, due to my high metabolic rate (I was running after Belinda Jie Jie for the ball), I cried so hard when i saw my milk at 8pm!! Hence, when we boarded the car, i started to drink my milk happily!!

When i reached home, my helper told mummy that i enjoyed playing with Lego bricks and trains in school. Mummy recalled that Uncle Kenneth actually bought me 1 set of Lego bricks on my 1st birthday...Hence, she took it out...n.......Look!!! I actually played on the lego set for almost 30 min..refusing to sleep...Mummy said i am starting to look more like a boy...playing with all the boyish games..

I am almost done....

Posing for a picture with my almost completed blocks..

Yesterday, Mummy brought me to visit Baby Corine, Auntie Irene and Uncle Eric! I was simply too amazed by the 2 dogs in their house that i kept waving "Hi Hi" at them. I wanted to pat them but mummy disallowed me..cos Uncle Eric said that they might bite....

This morning..i was very grouchy as mummy dragged me out of the bed and told me it was time to go to sch....I cried real hard when they tried to put me on the potty. Later, when Po Po came, as usual...she decided to carry me later..Initially, she tot tat i would not cry..but who knows...i cried again cos i tot that Po Po did not want me already..

When we reached the childcare, we saw Zhang Lao Shi. My first instinct was to rush over to Zhang Lao Shi. I even skipped the temperature check!! To Po Po's surprise..I even waved goodbye to them...What a good baby i am..

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting ready to go to school....

This morning, i woke mummy up at 0450 and 0740 respectively cos i was too hungry and needed to drink milk!! Surprisingly, my appetite seemed to have increased significantly ever since i went to childcare. Last nite, for dinner, i ate half a thermos flask of rice plus half a flask of porridge. That is definitely more that then what i had taken previously. For milk, i am drinking as much too.

Anyway, after breakfast, mummy changed me into my uniform to wait for Po Po to send me to school. While waiting, i decided to play with my doodle pro. Look at how much i enjoy the toy.

I also learnt a new skill!! I know how to use the eraser on the doodle pro already!! See the green eraser that it is in the middle??
When Po Po arrived, she decided that she needed to wash her hands first before carrying me (Stupid Swine Flu..). For that reason, she refused to carry me when she stepped into the house. This made me cry very very hard and mummy had to carry me!!

Finally, it was time for me to go to school. I did not even wave bye bye to mummy cos i simply cant wait to go to school......

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new diet- Mee Suah

Daddy had to stay back late in office today. Hence, he called mummy at ard 1720 to ask her to come to the childcare to pick me up. Mummy and my helper took a cab down to the childcare and fed me with baby bites on the way home. I managed to finish 1.5 pieces of the baby bites on my way home...However, the cab fare was a horrifying $20.25 (inclusive of peak hour surcharge!!)

When i reached home, mummy took out the pre-prepared mee-suah for me to eat. I love the mee-suah and finished almost 1 bowl of the mee-suah. I love the carrots that was placed in the mee suah too. I am slowly enjoying the eggs that are in it too. However, i still prefer to self-feed myself when it comes to non-porridge food. Interesting me right.
My helper tried to feed me with some more porridge but i guess i was too full. After 5-6 mouthful, i was too full to eat anything else. Hehehe...

Recipe for mee-suah
  1. Add some olive oil to the metal pot of thermal cooker and add an egg to it and fry.
  2. Stir repeatedly to break the egg into small pieces.

  3. Top up half the pot with the corn soup(any stock) that was boiled in the afternoon (meant for everyone to drink)

  4. Add "1 piece" of mee sua. (Washed with water)

  5. Let it boil for 10 min.

  6. Return the pot to the thermal cooker and let it simmer until it is ready to eat.

  7. Remember to cut the mee suah into shorter strands before feeding.

At the start of the self-feeding session.

My bib at the end of the self feeding session.

My mee suah

Monday, May 4, 2009

An eventful Sunday with all my grandparents!!

Yesterday, Po Po and Gong Gong came to my house to visit me!! They bought me some duck kway teow and i happily searched for the bits n pieces of duck meat!! instead of eating the kway teow. They were quite happy that i actually finished quite a fair bit of the food that they bought.

After lunch, daddy brought all of us to a chinese temple (home based type) at Eunos. I have beem going to this temple since i was very young. Think my first visit was during the Mid Autumn Festival. Po Po and Gong Gong tagged along too cos they wanted to see how the temple looked like. We met Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Molly Po Po at the temple. Phew..for the first time after a long long time...i was with ALL my grandparents at the same place, same time!! I was also in a pretty good mood and allowed the nun (Shi Fu) to carry me!! As it was near my milk time, i cried hard when i saw that mummy and the rest were actually having a vegetarian "feast". Mummy decided to feed me some vegetarian bee hoon. It was so yummy that i asked for MORE!!! When nai nai brought more of the beehoon, i decided that i was full after a few more mouthful. Naughty me right?

Leftovers of the bee hoon.....

After the visit to the temple, daddy drove po po and gong gong home. I was so happy upon reaching Po Po's house that i totally forgot abt my nap time. Gong Gong fed me with some vanilla ince cream and i kept running back to him for more...As a result, i slept at 4.30pm (my usual nap time is 2pm) for only 1.5 hour when Po Po managed to dig out one of my old pacifiers. When i woke up, i felt so grouchy cos i still wanted to sleep...So...i threw a temper during dinner time..taking my own sweet time to finish my porridge. After daddy, mummy and my helper finished their dinner, we rested for a while before heading home again...

I refused to sleep although i have been lying on the bed for an hour.....Arr.....School again!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Thursday, Mummy brought me to vivocity for an ice-cream treat!! I have just recovered from my runny nose n cough after a 3 weeks stint!! Look at how much i enjoy my ice cream feast...its double chocolate...Thank god i did not cough after the feast...if not, Po Po will definitely scold. Daddy also bought more bird nest for mummy to eat for her last trimester. After the feast, we went to get a netbook for mummy, after much comparison, daddy bought a lenovo S10 with upgraded ram (2gb) and 6 cells battery for mummy. Mummy originally wanted to get the acer aspire one from the school. But daddy's friend said it was not good...Hehehe...daddy spent a bomb today!!

On Friday, being labour day, i need not go to the childcare. Mummy decided to trim my fringes after Po Po said that my fringes were getting too long. This is the result of the trim as i was watching my favourite disney clubhouse..It does look short right?? During dinner time, we went to Po Po's house for dinner and i had so much fun playing ball game with my Gong Gong. I also know how to address my Xiao Yi as " Ah Yi!"

Today, daddy and mummy brought me to Henderson market for breakfast. We had originally wanted to go to Tiong Bahru market but it was too crowded!! Mummy ordered a bowl of dry fishball kway teow to share with me! i love the kway teow so much that i ate at least a quarter of a small bowl(i just had 120ml of milk milk before this...) However, i didn't like the fishball. Think mummy just has to try harder!!!
For lunch, mummy tried to feed me with some ABC macroroni mixed with potato carrot soup. The pasta seemed a little too hard for me?? I spit out some of the least 50%?? Think mummy needs to cook the pasta for a longer time before she attempts to feed me...hehehe=P