Friday, May 15, 2009

My First set of Thomas n Friends...N Toothbrushing episode

Mummy went to chiong Isetan Private sales today with Po Po and my helper. And she bought a lot of stuff for me....She was so lost when purchasing the thomas and friends set that she had to approach the staff to explain which set could be extended and which trains could be used on the different sets as there was simply too many tracks and trains to choose from.
1) Thomas and Friends Basic Set (comes with tracks and Thomas the train)
2) An extension set (Comes with additional tracks plus a truck)
3) Rocky
And after discount...phew..The thomas and friends set cost mummy $60!! w/o discount..Mummy would need to spend $110!! Mummy has decided to open up the basic set only and keep the other 2 sets as "Welcome Home Gifts!" to be given to me by my younger sister who can be due anytime soon...

Look at how i am beaming with joy when i saw the train set!! Mummy commented that other buyers must have thought that she has a son at home!!! Why would gals play with thomas n friends?? P.S: I have been playing with legos too at home...

Mummy also bought a new bib for me so that i can self feed in a cleaner manner. Can you spot the purple bib within the loots??

Last item which mummy bought for my use was a steamer. I have gotten used to eating steamed rice (not those rice that is cooked using rice cooker cos they are harder.) This steamer can be used to steam my rice, vege, eggs and fish all at one go! Easy and convenient!
In the evening, mummy decided to show off to daddy that i can brush my teeth. Mummy commented that i must have seen the Kor Kors and Jies Jies in my school brush their teeth! Thats why, i am attempting to do it at home...And do you know..I enjoy the first teeth toothpaste as well. Guess it will now be a routine for me every evening to brush my teeth!!


Anonymous said...

what kind of steamer did you get?

Royce & Guiwei said...

The endo steamer. Was selling at $29.90 at the Isetan sales. Can place 3 small bowls into 1 tier. 28cm wide.

Anonymous said...

thanks, Guiwei.
saw ur "demo" liao.. hee