Monday, May 4, 2009

An eventful Sunday with all my grandparents!!

Yesterday, Po Po and Gong Gong came to my house to visit me!! They bought me some duck kway teow and i happily searched for the bits n pieces of duck meat!! instead of eating the kway teow. They were quite happy that i actually finished quite a fair bit of the food that they bought.

After lunch, daddy brought all of us to a chinese temple (home based type) at Eunos. I have beem going to this temple since i was very young. Think my first visit was during the Mid Autumn Festival. Po Po and Gong Gong tagged along too cos they wanted to see how the temple looked like. We met Ye Ye, Nai Nai and Molly Po Po at the temple. Phew..for the first time after a long long time...i was with ALL my grandparents at the same place, same time!! I was also in a pretty good mood and allowed the nun (Shi Fu) to carry me!! As it was near my milk time, i cried hard when i saw that mummy and the rest were actually having a vegetarian "feast". Mummy decided to feed me some vegetarian bee hoon. It was so yummy that i asked for MORE!!! When nai nai brought more of the beehoon, i decided that i was full after a few more mouthful. Naughty me right?

Leftovers of the bee hoon.....

After the visit to the temple, daddy drove po po and gong gong home. I was so happy upon reaching Po Po's house that i totally forgot abt my nap time. Gong Gong fed me with some vanilla ince cream and i kept running back to him for more...As a result, i slept at 4.30pm (my usual nap time is 2pm) for only 1.5 hour when Po Po managed to dig out one of my old pacifiers. When i woke up, i felt so grouchy cos i still wanted to sleep...So...i threw a temper during dinner time..taking my own sweet time to finish my porridge. After daddy, mummy and my helper finished their dinner, we rested for a while before heading home again...

I refused to sleep although i have been lying on the bed for an hour.....Arr.....School again!!

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