Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My new diet- Mee Suah

Daddy had to stay back late in office today. Hence, he called mummy at ard 1720 to ask her to come to the childcare to pick me up. Mummy and my helper took a cab down to the childcare and fed me with baby bites on the way home. I managed to finish 1.5 pieces of the baby bites on my way home...However, the cab fare was a horrifying $20.25 (inclusive of peak hour surcharge!!)

When i reached home, mummy took out the pre-prepared mee-suah for me to eat. I love the mee-suah and finished almost 1 bowl of the mee-suah. I love the carrots that was placed in the mee suah too. I am slowly enjoying the eggs that are in it too. However, i still prefer to self-feed myself when it comes to non-porridge food. Interesting me right.
My helper tried to feed me with some more porridge but i guess i was too full. After 5-6 mouthful, i was too full to eat anything else. Hehehe...

Recipe for mee-suah
  1. Add some olive oil to the metal pot of thermal cooker and add an egg to it and fry.
  2. Stir repeatedly to break the egg into small pieces.

  3. Top up half the pot with the corn soup(any stock) that was boiled in the afternoon (meant for everyone to drink)

  4. Add "1 piece" of mee sua. (Washed with water)

  5. Let it boil for 10 min.

  6. Return the pot to the thermal cooker and let it simmer until it is ready to eat.

  7. Remember to cut the mee suah into shorter strands before feeding.

At the start of the self-feeding session.

My bib at the end of the self feeding session.

My mee suah

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