Saturday, May 2, 2009

On Thursday, Mummy brought me to vivocity for an ice-cream treat!! I have just recovered from my runny nose n cough after a 3 weeks stint!! Look at how much i enjoy my ice cream feast...its double chocolate...Thank god i did not cough after the feast...if not, Po Po will definitely scold. Daddy also bought more bird nest for mummy to eat for her last trimester. After the feast, we went to get a netbook for mummy, after much comparison, daddy bought a lenovo S10 with upgraded ram (2gb) and 6 cells battery for mummy. Mummy originally wanted to get the acer aspire one from the school. But daddy's friend said it was not good...Hehehe...daddy spent a bomb today!!

On Friday, being labour day, i need not go to the childcare. Mummy decided to trim my fringes after Po Po said that my fringes were getting too long. This is the result of the trim as i was watching my favourite disney clubhouse..It does look short right?? During dinner time, we went to Po Po's house for dinner and i had so much fun playing ball game with my Gong Gong. I also know how to address my Xiao Yi as " Ah Yi!"

Today, daddy and mummy brought me to Henderson market for breakfast. We had originally wanted to go to Tiong Bahru market but it was too crowded!! Mummy ordered a bowl of dry fishball kway teow to share with me! i love the kway teow so much that i ate at least a quarter of a small bowl(i just had 120ml of milk milk before this...) However, i didn't like the fishball. Think mummy just has to try harder!!!
For lunch, mummy tried to feed me with some ABC macroroni mixed with potato carrot soup. The pasta seemed a little too hard for me?? I spit out some of the least 50%?? Think mummy needs to cook the pasta for a longer time before she attempts to feed me...hehehe=P

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