Sunday, May 24, 2009

My new loots + new words

Mummy was so tempted by the CROCS warehouse sales that she "pestered" daddy to go there. Daddy was soft hearted and he decided to drive mummy to EXPO after dinner. They left me at Nai Nai's house so that they can shop easily. They helped Aunty Daphne and another mummy to buy shoes.

Damage for ourselves: 7 pairs of crocs for me, 1 pair of mei mei, 1 pair for my helper and 1 pair for mummy...

1 spare pair of thomas and case if mummy's friend wants it...

These are mainly mine..hahaha

My language ability has improved significantly for the past 1 week. I can say 1 to 10..I can say new words like " Ai yo yo!!", clock. I can read in sequence : apple, ball, cat, dog, elephant, fish/flower, giraffe, hat, ice-cream, jacket, kite, lion. I also know that the word after octopus is "PIG!!".

My new form teacher at the childcare commented that i am very smart. I know how to protect myself by screaming for help when someone bullies me. I also know how to follow simple instructions like bringing out my sleeping bag. As a result, they grouped me with the older kids so that i can learn better.

Daddy was having lunch at West Coast when his friends decided to bring him to this shop that sells lotsa toys. Daddy spotted this kitchen set that cost only $9.90 and decided to buy it for me. I enjoyed playing with it. Think i spent at least 20 min on it....My fav component is the eggs. I will scoop the egg from one cup to another. I also khow to pour" water out of the teapot into the cup.

The mattel sales was so disappointing according to mummy. The amount of goods that they had was like 10% of previous years. Luckily mummy has stocked up many many Fisherprice toys for me and mei mei previously. Nevertheless, she decided not to go back empty handed. She bought one toy each for me and mei mei.

Price: $18

The moment i played with this toy, i took the "keys" and went to open the door. Mummy laughed at the sight of it..

Price: $8

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