Saturday, May 30, 2009

Chang Xuan is HERE!!!

Mummy has FINALLY delivered mei mei!! Water bag burst!

From now..mummy will use I for herself, En En for Chang En and Xuan Xuan for Chang Xuan when she updates the blog..

Mummy's birth story
8.30pm: Came back from Zhou's kitchen buffet dinner (evil me hoh..)

9.45pm: Took a bath after i finished the show on starhub channel 55 ( Yuan lai Ai Shang Zei)

10pm: Tried to settle my #1 to bed and felt trickles of water. Thought that i had urinary incontinence initially but cant be that i kept leaking.

10.30pm: Checked with some mummies(Thanks to blueskye, gingerleaf and Daphne) and they said that water bag has burst!

11pm: Called my mum to come to my place and finally settled #1 to bed.

11.30pm: Left for hospital 12.30am: Midwives confirmed water bag burst, administer enema and shaved me. 2 cm dilated

1am: Transferred to delivery suite Rm 5. Contractions started at 2am.

5am: Requested for laughing gas but never really use it. 7am: Requested for pethidine jab. 5 cm dilated.

7.30am: Gynae came and wanted to break my water bag. Then i told her that water bag already burst long ago..Thats why i am in the ward. Chit Chat with gynae for a while.

830am: Midwives came and i am 8-9cm dilated. Asked me to press the button when i have the urge to push. 2min later after they left, i felt the urge to push. Asked my hubby to press the bell and he blur blur dunno what to do. I had to tell him 3 times before i succeeded. Waited for gynae to arrive although i already have the urge to push. Gynae came and in 1 push, baby was out at 0846. There wasn't even time for episomy! Had natural tears instead and was given 4-5 stitches.

9.30am: Latched baby and was sent back to room 505. Had breakfast while smsing pple.

Details of Chang Xuan
Given EDD: 27th May 2009
Actual EDD: 30th May 2009
Time of birth: 0846
Gestation: Week 40 + 3 days
Gynae: Dr Sim Lee Ngor
Hospital: TMC
Chang Xuan's weight: 3175g
Chang Xuan's height: 49cm
Chang Xuan's head circumference: 35cm

Chang Xuan with mummy 2009

Chang En with mummy 2007

We do look alike right??

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