Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Accidents after Accidents

Haiz...accidents after accidents.

Yesterday, teacher Aira informed mummy that a classmate scratched my face while we were washing hands. I wanted to squeeze onto the ikea stool together with her and she ended scratching my beautiful face....Sob Sob...Teacher Aira was so paiseh cos it is the 2nd accident within 2 days. She told mummy that she has applied cold compress and cream on my face.
Teacher Aira also mentioned that i dun really need my pacifier during the afternoon nap. In fact, i usually take a 3 hour nap is sch! That explains why i dun fall asleep easily at nite..
Can you spot the scar on my cheek?

Dun take my pictures lah...I dun look pretty today with my scar.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

poor En En. sayang, sayang.
i'm sure it will not leave any scar. dun worry too much