Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 2: Chang Xuan

Chang Xuan was on milk strike on the first day of birth...She latched on only at 0930, 1630 and 0300 for the whole day.

Hence, for morning, she wanted to latch on more frequently. She had had 2 feeds so far..once at 0830 and another round at 1125.

In the afternoon, her feedings became more regular and on time. Every 3-4 hourly, she will be pushed back for a feed. Her feeding pattern is quite standard. Latch for 5-10 min, doze off, mummy will burp her or wake her up, latch for another 5-10 min. Cycle will repeat until she manage to latch for 20-30 min, and dun cry when put down.

I also saw the same nurse manager who was looking after me when i had En En. She is a very nice lady and she chatted with me. She commented that i had very good milk supply and i should avoid over-latching baby in case if she takes my breast as a pacifier.

My gynae, me, hubby and Chang Xuan after her morning feed....

Chang Xuan's contented look after her milk buffet...

Chang En viewing cartoons/ phonic songs on mummy's lappy. She loves the phonic songs and can sing to it!! Bravo and clever girl! Look at how attentive looking she is!

Chang En trying to carry Chang Xuan!

Chang En is trying to sayang Chang Xuan..

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