Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Building Blocks

I love block building. Yesterday, i spent almost 30 min building blocks from one corner of the house to another. My max height was 7 blocks stacked together. It was so amazing to get them stacked up, then blow at them to make them fall. I rarely spend so much time playing a particular game at one shot!! My helper told mummy that i have been playing with blocks in the music room every morning! Hence, i loved it! Daddy still thinks that i can stack up to a max of 4 blocks only when the teacher asked him last week!!

The Guide to Building Blocks as Toddler Toys (

How does having building blocks as part of toddler toys work?It is known that block play increases a toddler's eye and hand coordination. It also encourages logical thinking. Building blocks also increase a toddler's awareness of the space around him. While constructing / stacking a toddler is constantly aware of the space in which he is working and subconsciously works within the confines of that space. Having building blocks as part of a toddler's toys also encourages appropriate social behaviour. A toddler learns to share and build with siblings, parents and friends. Language skills have also been found to greatly improve by playing with building blocks. This happens when the child is encouraged to speak about what he or she is building.

Play ideas using building blocks as toddler toys. Toddler building blocks are available in various kinds. You can use a set that has number and alphabets to initiate your child's learning process. The child can be taught to recognize numbers and alphabets by choosing between two blocks. The child can also learn to recognize alphabets and numbers by picking out a particular letter or number that has been asked for. In addition to these literary activities, these blocks can also be used just as plain toddler toys. You can ask your child to fill up the blocks in a dump truck or toy wagon and then got to a particular place and unload them. These building blocks also make for excellent bowling activities. The blocks can be stacked up to form a tower an then a ball can be used to knock the tower down.

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