Monday, April 20, 2009

I can self feed!!

Yippie, I can self feed myself. Last friday, teacher Eileen told Po Po that i finished half a bowl of porridge myself. Po Po says teacher Eileen must be joking. Hence, Mummy decided to try it out on Saturday. True enough, i was feeding myself as my helper was feeding me! i self feed around 5 big scoops of porridge on my own. ( many many small spoonfuls!!) Mummy was so happy. She repeated the same thing for Nai Nai to see in the evening! Everyone sang praises of me...

Also, i have created my own version of "Hotdog Dance". Do you know what's that? That is the dance that they will feature at the end of Mickey Clubhouse!!

Yesterday, i went for Baby Brandon's baby shower. He is my younger cousin. I sat beside him and said "Shhh...." with my fingers on my lips. Everyone laughed when they saw it.

Anyway, i am still down with a phelmy cough and runny nose. I developed a slight fever last night and mummy had to feed me to panadol to bring my temperature down. Phew, my temperature went down this morning and off i am to the childcare. Hopefully, today will be a better day for me.

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