Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 2 at Childcare

I had lotsa fun at the childcare today!! When i reached the school, i went straight to my favourite play area! I did not even bother to bid daddy goodbye!! When it was time for lessons, my helper brought me to the room and left me there. However, at around 8plus, i got very fussy cos i was tired. Teacher Eileen gave me my pacifier and patted me. I ended sleeping while the rest of the class was wailing away.

I did cry once in a while when my helper decided to peep at me. Teacher Eileen was quite upset and she wrote in my communication book for mummy to see.

I enjoyed my bathing session and even "talked" to the auntie who helped to dress me. =P. I had become more sociable as well.

For lunch, i managed to finish 1 bowl of porridge! Teacher Eileen had originally wanted to give me half a bowl cos mummy mentioned that i am a small eater. But i ended up finishing 1 bowl..hehehe..that proves i can eat.

After lunch, i took a nap again...I am simply too tired after all the games and play.=P

For tea break, my helper fed me with 2 mouthful of mee tai mak....I ate mee tai mak for the 1st time in my life. When i saw a Yacult bottle, i went to snatch it from a boy! tasted sour. Mummy came and i gave her a hug..Then i said "Bye Bye!!" before i went to play again.

Teacher Eileen was very happy with my performace...minus the presence of my helper....

On my way back, i actually managed to finish 2 sticks of biscuits!! I had been spitting out biscuits for the past 1 month...

Tats all of day 2...

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