Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 3 at be cont

This morning, i fell asleep as daddy took me out from the car when i reached the centre. When he tried to put me down, i started to wail again. End up, i slept in my helper's arms until lesson started. But..I was still very tired. Seeing that, teacher eileen patted me to sleep again. The rest of the class started their routine and played games while i slept in class...

At lunch time, i actually ate 1 bowl of bee hoon soup!!! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never eaten bee hoon soup b4. I must be too hungry since my last feed was a 120ml milk feed at 7am. After i finished my lunch, i happened to see my helper who was hanging around. I cried for her and refused to let teacher eileen carry me. Teacher eileen was very upset and she called mummy. Mummy had to "scold" my helper who did the act out of heart ache.

Mummy came to the centre to pick up my helper at around 1pm when i was asleep.....To be cont...(Mummy is sitting at Munchin Monkeys, YIH, NUS.....updating my blog...)

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