Thursday, June 18, 2009

My lovely princesses + FP Bouncer

Chang En has returned to childcare after MIAing for a week or so. Thank goodness that she is re-adapting well. In fact, her appetite has also grown and she seemed to look much prettier with her "longan" eyes!!

Chang En dotes on her younger sister VERY VERY much. The first thing that she will do in the morning will be to look for her sister and KISS her!! She is pretty gentle on the baby when she strokes Chang Xuan's hair.

Chang Xuan has been a pretty good baby so far. Her fuss time is basically from 8-11pm. She does not like air-conditioner very much and we are trying hard to make her adapt. Our room temp is now set to 28!! Grr...Last nite, she slept through from 12+ midnight till 6+am this morning without crying for milk!! An acomplishment for a 2.5 weeks old baby. Hope that it will stay like tat.

Mummy is still battling with blocked ducts. I am still contemplating if i should visit the lactation consultation cos i am unsure abt my condition.

Chang En hugging Chang Xuan. (She knows where to position her arms!!)

Chang Xuan smiling in her bouncer.


Say Cheese!!

Chang En in her uniform...Just got back from school.

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