Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 2 of Confinement.

Baby Xuan with her eyes wide opened..

Baby Xuan who just woke up..
Daddy Chai with En En and her fav toy (Empty container and her stacker.)

Daddy Chai with Baby Xuan

Baby Xuan sleeping in her cot

This has been an eventful week for me!

Brought En En back for review at the PD on Monday. The PD's medicine seems to work very well on her. (Or is it my breastmilk?). She recovered from her runny nose in 2 days. Her phelmy cough has also improved. Downside: I spent $300 on her medical fees to see the PD twice. But think it is worthed it cos she recovered so much faster.

As a result of En En's condition, she stayed at home until Wed, went to childcare on Thursday and she is stuck at home today cos she developed very bad rashes on her legs and body after we applied some lotion during the massage session.

Baby Xuan's schedule has not been very fixed. On tuesday, she had blocked nose and she cried intermittently from 1030pm until 2.3oam. On Wed, she cried intermittently from 5.30am to 7am. Yesyterday, she slept from 1030pm till 3+am before she woke up for her feeds. She was pretty alright yesterday. Keeping my fingers crossed that she will give me a better time at nite.

Yesterday, i sneaked out to the IT fair with hubby to get a new photo printer(our 3YO printer gave way..) and a new camera. The printer was very good and we printed several nice pictures to be hung on the wall in the living room. The new camera came with HD quality video taking which will allow us to take more videos of our 2 kiddos. I also had my first lunch out of hse (ever since we returned from the hospital) at a Japanese Restaurant at the centre stage of Marina Square. After the IT fair, we ajourned to Starbucks for a cup of hot chocolate and chocolate cookie. Yummy.
My photo display with the new printer.
As to my confinement, it has been quite alright this time lround. Less restrictive cos the aunty allows me to bathe once every 2 days, wash my hair once every 4 days. And i get to wear shorts in the afternoon. =P. I have also cut down on fish soup cos my supply is over-abundance to the extend that baby is on 100% BM En En is on 100% EBM and i still get to freeze 2-3 packs of 150ml ebm a day. Think i have at least 1.5litre of bm supply everyday.

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