Friday, July 11, 2008

Gymboree @ Vivocity on 24th May 2008

Mummy brought me to Vivocity early in the morning while i still needed my nap. At 11 am, mummy tried to i was supposed to attend the Gymboree Trial class @ 12noon. She tried hard to coax me to sleep but to no avail. She had to feed me as we went to Vitakids and Cold Storage to get my organic snacks. However, when we reach Gymboree, i decided to nap in mummy's cosy BECO carrier. Mummy had to wake me up after a power nap of 10 min. When i woke up, i saw my fren, Jerald. I had so much fun! I managed to climb up the stairs! While mummy tried to massage for me, I kept running away from her. I loved the balls that were given to us and i even snatched one away from Faith. Hahaha. Daddy came half way through the session and played with me so that mummy can take a break.

Cheeky me!
Faith and En En

En En n Jerald

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