Friday, July 11, 2008

Uncle Pin How's Wedding on 7th June

Mummy, where are we going today? I thought we just attended Uncle Pin How's wedding at Swissotel the day before? Daddy was one of the brothers and he was not with me during the banquent for most of the time. I met another jie jie who happened to be the daughter of daddy's fren. She kept entertaining me. I was a good gal right? minus the fact that i did not want to stay on the high chair. Mummy and Daddy decided to re-visit Uncle Pin How at the hotel since they happened to go there for lunch. It was a nice place and i had a good time roaming in the room which was on the 69th floor. Sad to say, mummy left the camera at Uncle Pin How's room and we had to return to the hotel to collect it after our dinner at Nai Nai's House.
Wow...Nice sofa..What's that on the floor??

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