Friday, July 11, 2008

Sept Mummies' Gathering

Mummy invited some of the sept mummies to our house since it was June hols! Auntie Gingerleaf & Baby Lyn, Auntie Bena & Baby Zac, Auntie ecookie & baby YZ and Auntie shotbyfau and baby dahlia attended the gathering. All of them were obedient babies except me! They drank their milk at one shot and all of them slept at one pt or another except me! All the mummies placed their babies in the playyard to play with me. WE had such a fun time in the playyard while mummies had their break chit-chatting with one another with pizzas.

Baby Yong Zhi with Baby Zac

Me with Baby Dahlia

Me with Baby Zac.

Aralyn!! Where are u??

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