Friday, July 11, 2008

Malacca Trip 9th -11th June

I am so excited. My first trip out of Singapore. Daddy booked a Villa at A Famosa for the entire Chai Family to go. We went in 2 cars. Mummy planned my nap time very well. She woke me up early in the morning to bathe and drink my milk so that i will sleep for the bulk of the journey. The car ride to our destination took about 5 hours. We checked into the villa and began our swimming session.

All my meals for the trip was prepared by Auntie Supin. I couldn't get use to the taste as it was too dry. Mummy decided that it was time for me to start with formula milk and i had FM for 60 % of my milk feeds in Malacca.

In all, i swam for all 3 days.

On my returned trip, i was pretty cranky and mummy had a hard time coaxing me when Ye Ye was driving. For dinner, we ate at a market at Taman Sentosa and mummy had to piggy back me since it was a market.

Think it was an eye-opener for me...

Where are we going next, Mummy?

My Nai Nai and me.

My younger cousin and me...I look so much smaller...Oops...Time to eat more!!

Phew, what a break after a long day..

I am coming!! Wait for me..

Can you spot my tongue?

Where is my lunch? What an unique high chair..I dun find it in Singapore at all.

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