Thursday, July 30, 2009

En's on Food long overdue posts

Phew...It has been a long time since my last update. Have been busy with En En cos she has been on food strike for the past 2 weeks. She is eating very little and surving on my breastmilk. Luckily its breastmilk...if not i would have gone broke. Nowadays, when i latch Xuan..she will come over and wanna latch too..She will just "leak" and run away saying "No No..".

Nowadays, En En is starting to be jealous of her sister. She will not sleep unless i hug her, leaving Xuan in the cot/rocker. If not, she will throw tantrums or ask me to repeat certain tasks like wearing socks etc... En En will also cry out loud (imitating the sister...but 10x louder than Xuan) if she does not get what she wants...Grrr..

In view of her cough, i have also bought lotsa "Dong Cong Cao" and other herbs to boil for her. They cost me a bomb!! Think i spent at least $500 on the herbs this month liaoz..But can last a yr?

Xuan Xuan is also starting to accept bottles. Today, she actually finished 120ml...WOW!!!

Will try to update the blog more frequently...Still thinking of where to go for hols for dec..

****Gathering at Shers place.***
I brought both Xuan and En En to the May 2009's mummies gathering at Kovan. I bjorned Xuan while my helper pushed En in a stroller. Xuan was so cute..she actually fell asleep while taking photos. En En enjoyed herself in the toddler's room where she went into the playhouse plus played on the slides..

Another award winning smile..with my DOIY cup..
My new clothes!! I went to the warehouse sales and bought lotsa clothes for my princesses at a steal. Its only $3 each for Carters n Osh Kosh clothes. Even passerbys commented that En En looked trendy in some of the clothes that i bought.

************* Chang En's Performance******************

Last friday, i went to En's childcare to watch her mini performance. She was initially quite appalled by the large audience crowd...(Think there were at least 50-60 parents?) Slowly, she warmed up and started dancing to the music..until she spotted me. When that happened, she cried and dashed towards me. After the mini concert which was 1 min performance for En, we went back to her classroom where the teachers showed us their work. They briefed us on what the kiddos have been doing in school. Thumbs up. I think they learnt a lot. However, En En did not cooperate with me...She kept crying asking me to leave...She even brought me to her bags and asked me to take them along...Grr. In the end, i just sneaked out of the classroom leaving her to the care of her teachers.

Trust me, even a 1 min performance looked like eternity to me!! I replayed the video umpteen times to my hubby, parents, In Laws and sister. I can watch it repeatedly and not get tired of it...Cheers to the teachers.

Getting ready for performance.

2 babies on the bed...Can be a headache when they cry together..

Daddy carrying Xuan..after a day's work.

A visit to the park while waiting for En En to come home..

Say Cheese!! En En knows how to pose liao..

My winning smile...

I just bought another similar FP rocker from another mummy at $40. It was a steal!! Had to buy cos both my kiddos love the rocker. Xuan can even sleep in the rocker for the whole nite...And she loves the vibration. En En can even switch on the vibration for her sister.

An outing to Vivo with Chloe, Aunty Shirlyn and mummy. Although Chloe is 9 mths younger, they look pretty much the same size. En En was quite well behaved throughout the trip. I learnt how to use the stroller when travelling down the escalator. Thanks to Shirlyn.

Xuan Xuan seems to have double chin..

En En simply loves to carry Xuan Xuan. Without fail, she will go n hug and kiss Xuan when she returns from the childcare.

Say CHEESE! This is how En En will smile when we say "Cheese!!"

Look at my long fringes and BIG EYES!!! I have a tendency to change my car set from a 5 pt harness to 3 pt harness...U know what i mean right? hehehe.

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