Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Life after confinement

Life has been different after my confinement lady left. We have drawn up a new routine to accomodate the 2 kiddos. Especially in the evening when Chang En is back from her childcare. We feel that we have neglected Chang En recently. Hence, we have decided to restart the flashcard programme and playground activities for her.
Night time has been a nitemare so far with 2 kiddos vying for my attention. Now, i have no choice but to ask my helper to coax En En to sleep..So guilty..
Chang En's little poney tail..

SMH May 2009 Gathering

We had a May 2009's baby gathering at one of the mummies' place. It was an enjoyable time cos its the first time that Chang Xuan ventured out to a public place. First time taking a cab too. We shared cab with Mummy Xue and her older son who happens to be 1 month older than Chang En only.

Chang Xuan is smiling in her sleep...

Both Chang En and Chang Xuan are so tired after the gathering...

Many babies lying on the table.

Chang En's Favourite Chair

Chang En's Favourite position for drinking milk

This rocker has now been dominated by Chang Xuan in the day time cos she insists sleeping on the rocker with the vibration ON!!. Hence, Chang En only gets to use it when Mei Mei is not sitting on it. Chang En is very clever! She will bring her milk bottle to the bouncer, switch on the vibration and bring down the toy bar before she drinks her milk =P

ROM Celebration
We decided to celebrate our ROM on the day that I ended my confinement since the CL will still be around. Although its one day earlier, we still enjoyed ourselves as its our "ME" time without the 2 kiddos. Time flies!! We already have 2 kids liaoz. We had our lunch at Kushinbo Great World City cos i MISS my sashimi =P We had a super enjoyable lunch before heading home.

A smiley face done up by hubby to celebrate the end of confinement.

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