Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 Part 1

Phew...It has been a long time since mummy updated my blog..2008 is over liaoz..

Let me recap the happenings for the 2nd half of 2008...

My 1st Bday.
Daddy and Mummy hosted a birthday party at home for me..I had a nice minnie 3D birthday cake.

A visit to the gynae
Guess what..Mummy is pregnant with my sibling!! And she arranged for her first visit to the gynae on my bdae!! I am seeing the doctor who delivered me exactly 1 year ago!!

1st Swim at Safra
I enjoyed myself so much at the Safra pool. Daddy decided to bring me there after he signed up for his safra card..We went there at around 11am and i was the only one in the pool.. When i saw the pool, i just kept crying so that mummy will bring me into the pool. I gulped one big mouthful of water when daddy was not paying attention...but i did not care more..i just continued with my swim..Finally, the float that mummy bought from BP came in handy. When mummy brought me out of the pool to change....i sensed that something was not right...That's the end of my playtime..Arh...I cried and cried...dragging my helper to the pool...sob sob..

1st visit to the zoo.
It was Daddy's family day! Daddy brought me, mummy and our helper to the zoo. Hehehe..n its free! We went early in the morning at ard 8.30am. Met my classmate Zi Han at the zoo too. I dozed off after seeing 2 animal shows...What a lousy timing.

1st visit to the birdpark
Its still a free trip since Gong Gong managed to get free pass for us....This time round, mummy decided that i can only go after my lunch. It was a bright sunny day and i managed to stay awake until 3pm. I was amazed by the penguins and birds in the park. Mummy brought me to the kidzone too but they were meant for older kids. Mummy cooked some beehoon and we had a nice picnic in the was milk for me only..sob sob..

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